Sean Spicer Makes Amusing Cameo At Bedside Of Someone Who Will Die If Obamacare Is Repealed


THE latest entry in Sean Spicer’s collection of amusing japes has seen him make a cameo at the bedside of a cancer patient who will almost certainly die if a revived effort to repeal Obamacare succeeds.

“Ha! Bet you didn’t think you’d see me,” Spicer said as he burst into the room belonging to 69-year-old Tamara Jenkins, “it’s me, Sean Spicer, you’re welcome”.

Posing for photos with Miss Jenkins that she didn’t want taken, Spicer basked once again in being in on the joke for once, as his post-White House reputation rehabilitation tour continues.

“It’s nice to see people appreciate what I did,” explained the sad little man as he hid behind a smile and get-well soon card.

“Post-White House life has been good, thanks for asking. Kimmel, the Emmys, countless lobbying and consulting jobs lined up and I’m endorsing FitTea on Instagram,” Spicer added in response to an angry Jenkins asking the former press secretary how he slept at night knowing the damage he has done.

Jenkins, currently battling kidney cancer, could be refused insurance if the latest effort by Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act is successful making any course of treatment too expensive to afford.

“Hey, if you need me to do the eulogy for your funeral, I could make a joke about the crowd size,” Spicer beamed, as he exited the room on his segway powered podium.