Five George Hook Supporters Arrested In Dawn Raids By Thought Police Unit


A SHOCKING escalation in the silencing of sensible, straight-talking voices occurred this morning when a raid by the Thought Gardaí Unit (TGU) resulted in the arrest of 5 George Hook supporters.

Fearful that their opinions were being silenced, many people sharing the same rational thoughts as the suspended Newstalk host recently expressed their displeasure at how Ireland was turning into a country they barely recognised.

However, this morning’s TGU raid saw 5 individuals arrested for simply thinking several reasonable thoughts with rumours circulating that any opinions, not just ones about how women are to blame for rape, are terrifyingly no longer acceptable.

Although only in existence a short time, the TGU has arrested thousands of people expressing opinions that are not in line with the dominant and oppressive feminist regime operating in Ireland today, with suspicion among many that the regime is luring people into incriminating themselves.

“They’re reading, listening and watching what we’ve said and they’re quoting it all in full like the sneaky bitches we always knew they were,” shared one fearful man we spoke to under a bridge shortly before he was executed by a feminist death squad.

A solicitor for one of the men arrested outlined how egregious a violation of free speech protections the arrests were, and queried if political correctness had gone mad.

“Lock women in their homes from 7pm. Muslims are pure evil. Kill all refugees. These are apparently reasonable views no longer legal under this crazy system,” explained solicitor Michael Cannily, “oh, and he can’t stop shouting the racial slurs at every non-white person he encounters, but that’s the liberal Gestapo for you, out to get everyone for nothing”.

Free speech experts have warned anyone thinking of thinking things that today’s oppressive liberal regime won’t allow you to think about thinking so best not to think it.