154 Key Talking Points From The 20 Second McGregor Sparring Footage


LAST weekend, video footage of Conor McGregor’s controversial sparring session with Paulie Malignaggi was finally released to an unsuspecting world, shocking it to its very core and sending shockwaves that were recorded as far away as Fiji.

Following months of scepticism around Mcgregor’s boxing ability, unbiased UFC president Dana White officially put fan doubts to bed by sharing a 20 second clip from the 3,000 second sparring session, contradicting the American’s claim that he was pushed over and not knocked down as depicted in previous photographic stills.

But what other conclusions can we draw from the exceptionally short clips? Here, we pick out 154 key talking points:

1) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Yeah, so what if it was only a short clip; Conor knocked him down in those 20 seconds after punching the face off of him for ages in the ring. He wasn’t even trying. The footage is there for everyone to see. Malignaggi ran away like a little girl. He was obviously lying that Conor pushed him during the sparring session. Where’s the footage to say otherwise? No where. That’s right.

2) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Ah hello? We know this already. Not sure what the point is here really, but if Malignaggi WAS pushed, Dana White would have shared it on his Instagram immediately. In fact, we just checked again there to make sure and there’s no video anywhere showing anything to the contrary. In fact Malignaggi didn’t even hit the canvas in the video as claimed in the photographs. Fucking liar. It would have been on the 20 second clip if it happened.

3) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Ah for fuck sake. Seriously, there must be more talking points than this? For instance, Connor’s straight left hand? Hello? If anyone actually took the time to watch ALL of the footage, they would have seen Conor land a serious left hand right into Malignaggi’s gob. You could even hear the slap. Pretty sure if Malignaggi even landed one punch it would have been shared all around social media by everyone in the McGregor camp. They wouldn’t NOT share it.

4) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

I’ve 150 more talking points to go through and some prick keeps editing my copy. Probably one of our so-called boxing fans in the office here. Yeah, fair enough it was a very short clip, but that’s all any pure boxing fan needs to make a calculated judgement on both fighters. Dana White could have shared any snippet from the sparring session and he chose to show this one; obviously he said to himself that there was no point in embarrassing Malignaggi with any more footage of him getting beaten to a pulp.

5) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

I don’t care how long it is, right? McGregor trained as a boxer. Ask anyone who knows anything about Conor. Wait and you see. Everyone will eat their words. He is boxing.

6) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Pretty sure I heard somewhere that copyright issues only allow 20 second sparring clips to be shared. Yeah, that’s it I bet. It’s obviously a boxing rule. Not a UFC thing.

7) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Looking at it again, and yeah; it’s a short clip, considering the length of the sparring session. But in fairness to Malignaggi, he managed to stay up for 18 of those 20 seconds. That’s an achievement in itself. Aldo lasted 13, so he’s obviously a better fighter than Aldo. It was probably the longest period he was on his feet for during the session.

8) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Whatever. The edited down footage doesn’t lie. I’m not even going to humour you at this stage. Conor’s going to win boxing. Forever.

9) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Fuck the haters. Boxers aren’t worth a shit.

10) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Olé, olé, olé, olé….  olé, olé. Olé, olé, olé, olé….  olé, olé…..

11) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip

Fuck you, I’m not even going to say anything anymore. We’ll see what happens on the 26th.

12) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip


13) It Was Only A 20 Second Clip