Local Girl Didn’t Get As Many Points As Her Older Sister, Mother Confirms


INFORMATION leaked to WWN has revealed that Waterford Leaving Cert student Aisling Conway has received 120 less points in her results than her older sister Bernice, who did her exams two years ago.

The information was spread by the girl’s mother Caroline, 48, who isn’t disappointed in her younger daughter’s results at all, but just wanted to point out that she had fallen short of her older sister’s score.

Mrs. Conway has been on the phone all day to her sisters, her friends, and to news agencies across Ireland, confirming that Aisling ‘seems happy enough’ with her 380 points and that the family are delighted for her, while also adding that Bernice got 500 points and did more honours subjects, despite not being asked about that at all.

“Aisling is upstairs getting ready to go out and celebrate, for some reason,” confirmed Caroline Conway, searching through a drawer for her older daughter’s results sheet.

“And she’s going to go ahead with the points that she got and apply to whatever college will have her, and not go back and re-sit the Leaving exam, which is her choice, and if that’s what she wants to do then there’s nothing we can do to stop her.

“Bernice, on the other hand, had her pick of courses to choose from, but then again she got far more points than Aisling, so there’s that. But we’re very happy for her, really we are. At least 80% as happy as we were for Bernice,” she concluded.