Waterford Mother Continues 30-Year Long Habit Of Passive Aggressively Undermining Daughters


A WATERFORD MOTHER of four daughters has signaled she has no intention of bringing an end to her passive aggressive put downs, some 30 years after she first took up the underhanded tactic to make herself feel better.

Bernie Loughlin, with an address in the Waterford area of Europe, has spent much of her life casually eviscerating her four daughters Laura, Ailbhe, Theresa and Sarah at times in their life when they seemed in Loughlin’s own words ‘too happy’.

“Oh God, yeah, I remember when that dress used to fit you, you looked quite pretty in that light too,” Loughlin shared with her youngest daughter Sarah as they poured over a photo album from a recent wedding of a family friend.

The 63-year-old mother-of-four stresses that the key to her long standing efforts to undermine her daughters, who on many occasions have given Loughlin reason to think they were smarter, prettier, better and less petty than her, is to feign ignorance when her snide comments are directly challenged.

“‘Oh, that’s right, your mother is always upsetting someone, can’t do anything right’. That’s what I usually go with, but you have to start walking into another room at the same time for dramatic effect, they end up convincing themselves they’re in the wrong and then I’m in the clear to be a bit of a heartless bitch again a few weeks down the line,” Loughlin revealed to WWN.