Local Parent Hoping Child Doesn’t Notice New Adidas Runners Have 4 Stripes


A WATERFORD based father is currently assessing the expression on his son’s face in the hope that it contains no trace of disappointment in the aftermath of receiving a nice white pair of knock off Adidas high tops.

Feeling the crushing pressure of wanting his son to be happy and want for nothing, Waterford single father, Peter O’Hallon had listened to his son Conor speak at length about how many of his friends have the cool Adidas Pro Model high top runners which retail at over €100.

Between paying the mortgage off, reducing his credit card bills and keeping money aside for back to school expenses, O’Hallon had to make a tough decision in regards to his son’s 8th birthday with 10 of Conor’s closest friends being taken bowling and for food to celebrate.

“I think the initial rush of happiness and the adrenaline that comes with it is throwing him off the scent,” O’Hallon confirmed to himself as Conor rushed to hug him after unwrapping his birthday present, failing to notice the fourth stripe or the fact Adidas was spelled ‘Addiddass’.

“We’re in the clear, I think we’re in the clear,” added O’Hallon, who obviously hasn’t watched any movies or TV shows that deal with such problems and compromises while teaching valuable life lessons.

“No, no the fourth stripe means it’s even better than the normal Adidas ones, these ones are…they’re only for footballers like Messi, or extra cool people like you,” O’Hallon explained to Conor after he finally noticed the additional stripe.

Sources close to Conor had not ruled out an epic temper tantrum later in the afternoon once his friends explained no Adidas runners come with four stripes.