5 Tweets About 99s That We’re Calling An Article


SUMMER is finally here, and what sort of Irish online media outlet would we be if we failed to put out dozens of articles about how Irish the Irish get in the heat? Putting the big coat away, sweating like a pig while watching The Snapper and eating Tayto, getting sunburned because LOL Irish… the list goes on! But for today, we’re going to tackle the most Irish thing in creation; ice-cream.

Yes, ice-cream, specifically ice-cream in a cone with a Flake stuck in it; the 99. Native to Ireland and available nowhere else, the 99 should be provide plenty of material to fill our word quota on this article (and yes, if we publish it, it is an article; thems the rules).

But hey, it’s kinda warm out. So rather than write anything, we thought we’d go to our most trusted source of journalistic inspiration; Twitter. Here’s 5 tweets we found after searching for the word ‘99’ on Twitter, that we then just screen grabbed so we could finish this piece and go outside.




Ha, can there be a more Irish statement than that?!


This guy, this guy is a legend.


Not sure where he’s going with this but we’re sure it’s gas LOL.


Need we say more? Must we? Should we? LOL we’re off to the beer garden. We’re journalists!!