Are These The Best Chicken Wings In Dublin?


HOT, spicy, crispy, tangy… there are many ways to enjoy chicken wings, but one thing is certain; everyone loves chicken wings! But with so many places to get delicious, tasty wings in Dublin city centre, it can be a bit challenging to find the ones that are hands down ‘the best’. Well, we think we’ve found the place that makes the best wings you’ve ever had in your life!

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Our waiter brought us to our table, and we have to say that there was plenty of legroom and the seats were very comfortable. There were a lot of different varieties of wings on offer, but we had been told ahead of time to order the tangy tabasco wings with the blue cheese dip and ok that should do it, back to the plan.

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Our wings arrived promptly after we ordered them, and we got stuck in with gusto. Unlike some establishments, the wings we received were extremely meaty, and the light batter coating gave an enjoyable crispness to the soft tender chicken underneath. The sauce was an immediate rush to the senses, hitting us with notes of

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The sauce was not too light, and not too thick either. Some of you may like the sticky, honey-ed sauces made popular in certain chicken wing emporiums, but we’ve always preferred a sauce that stays on the wing, not on your fingers (and certainly not on your blouse!). The blue-cheese dip contained a strong cheese that complimented the hotness of the spicy

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For afters, we had honeycomb ice-cream! Delicious!

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