Irish Man Claims To Be Reigning Tinder Champion


A LOCAL WATERFORD man has caused considerable intrigue this week after confirming he is the reigning champion of dating app Tinder, WWN has learned.

James Nolan, a self-confessed ‘decent looking lad’, made the claims to friends much to their amusement, after a recent spate of matches on the dating app.

“Wake up, brush my teeth, swipe right from about 9-5pm. I take this stuff seriously, I’ve had 2 matches in the last month,” Nolan explained, adding that he would show off his trophy cabinet full of Tinder medals, trophies and rosettes to WWN later.

Nolan, who once turned down the lead role in Harry Potter, had a trial with Barcelona and can bench press 250kgs, is known amongst friends to be prone to exaggeration, but he insists that when it comes to the art of getting women to swipe right no one is better.

“I’m drowning in options now, but I do fear the day I’ve matched with every single woman in Ireland, I’ll have completed Tinder then, but suppose there’s always the Tinder Olympics,” Nolan confirmed, failing to outline just what events are part of the games, which almost certainly do not exist.

Despite the insistence from friends that you can’t ‘win’ or be champion of the dating app, Nolan explained to WWN that jealousy is part and parcel of being the reigning champ.

“The poor lads, I think they’re just a bit in awe of me, a bit jealous, but if they’re looking for tips they know my door is always open,” concluded Nolan, who projects he may get a third match sometime in the next year.

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