Flamingos Absolutely Full Of Themselves, Finds Study


A NEWLY published study has confirmed what many animals have suspected for years; Earth’s flamingo population is absolutely full of itself.

The study, which involved intensive interviewing and studying of the flamingo population found that large flocks of the bird felt they were inherently better than all other creatures on the planet and thus aggressively turn their beak up at others.

“Think of them as like, the Cork of the animal kingdom, rampant narcissists who think they are God’s gift,” head researcher of the extensive study Prof. Rebecca Cleggan shared with WWN.

“Name the number birds or animals or whatever, off the top of your head like, who are pinky red…pigs… that’s about it, and they’re covered in shit. So we’ve every right to point out we’re better than you lot,” one flamingo shared as part of the study.

Members of the animal kingdom have expressed their frustration at the study’s results, urging the flamingos to take their pretentious ‘we’re better than everyone’ attitude down a notch of two.

“I could understand it with peacocks, I mean look at that tail, how could you not feel like you’re the shit but flamingos aren’t all that,” a humble mole shared with WWN after learning of the study’s finding.

Flamingos issued a statement in which they confirmed they intend on carrying on with their lives as normal, and will not refrain from rubbing their ‘fabulousness in everyone’s sub par faces’ at any point in the near future.