Facebook Just Wants You To Be Happy, Why Aren’t You Happy


A NEW update to popular social media platform Facebook is aimed at making its 1 billion-plus users happy, that’s all, it just wants you to be happy and to smile like you used to do, when social media was young and everyone felt in love.

In addition to their current raft of features, including memories, suggested friends, weather updates, local event suggestions and just asking how you’re feeling, Facebook’s new update appears in your news feed and proffers heartfelt reminders of a time when you were happier than you are right now, and a pledge that someday, you’ll be that happy again.

“It’s not unlike the touch on the chin your partner might give you when you’re both struggling for a reason to stay in a relationship that you’ve both grown out of,” said Mark Zuckerberg, king of Facebook.

“It’s just a few lines, but we’ll push it into your feed every now and then to say hey… remember 2010? When you signed up first, and everyone you added was a close friend or family member? And spam was non-existent, and there were no trolls… and you didn’t get tagged in embarrassing photos and all your ex’s had their pictures set to public… you were happy then, weren’t you? We just want you to be happy again. You can be that happy again”.

So far, the majority of FB users have opted to hide the message from their newsfeeds.