Local Teenager Cringes To Death After Mother Says ‘Fam’


AUTHORITIES have ruled the death of a Waterford teenager as a ‘tragic accident’, after it emerged that the young man cringed himself to death after hearing his mother use the popular slang term ‘fam’.

Sean Hennilan, 18, was admitted to Waterford general hospital after going into what doctors have referred to as ‘fatal-cringe’ in his Dungarvan home yesterday evening.

Reports have stated that the bout of cringe set in after his 47-year-old mother stated that their upcoming trip to relatives at the weekend would be “a great day out for ‘fam'”, resulting in her son cringing so much that his heart failed an hour later.

The incident is the second such case in the Hennilan household, after Sean barely survived hearing his dad say ‘YOLO’ last year. Unfortunately, the mortification of hearing his mam say ‘fam’ was too much for the youngster.

“Parents, please be aware of and protect your kids from fatal cringe,” said Dr. Eamon Chantenmatersar, who attempted in vain to save the young man’s life.

“Kids are very vulnerable to you doing embarrassing things, from dancing at 21st birthdays, to showing up to collect them from school in your pajamas… these are all things that can trigger fatal cringe. Above all else, please do not use any slang that you hear them using. These terms are not for you. Leave them alone”.

Mrs. Hennilan is said to be inconsolable following the ruling, and has stated that she doesn’t even really know what ‘fam’ means, she just heard someone on Eastenders say it.