We Speak To Olympic Boxing Judges From Their New Private Jets


IN recent days it has become apparent the job of Olympic boxing judges is notoriously well paid when certain countries are competing.

With our curiosity piqued WWN went to interview several judges working at the games in Rio to see just how enviable a job it can be.

“Yes, it’s a great Olympics so far, very successful I think,” Bandara Talik Udoni Kiridena explained to WWN from inside his brand new Bombardier Learjet 85, which costs over $16 million.

Judging at the Olympics as come under the spotlight as almost every bout at every weight division has been marred by accusations of corruption and bribing.

However, the part time take away delivery man pursued his passion to become a boxing judge after learning of the earning potential within the game.

“I love the sport, specifically when it is played by certain countries and when medals are at stake, there’s something just so… gratifying about it all, I can’t put my finger on it,” he added while opening a bottle of champagne.

“Who is this? Oh, this is my new ‘friend’, Olena. She’s pretty isn’t she?” Kiridena added, speaking of his Russian companion seated next to him.

After the gold medal victory of Russian heavyweight Evgeny Tishchenko and advancement of Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin against Michael Conlon, there has been a huge interest from judges in being put onto remaining Russian fights at the Olympics.

“Yeah, I’m really eager to cover those fights,” explained judge Renato Gonzales, “I’ve always dreamed of owning an apartment overlooking New York”.

While official salaries are kept under wraps, it is believed the earning potential of a judge is limitless if he or she possesses the right lack of morals and principles.