98% Of Garda Foot Pursuits End Up On City Rooftops


THE Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) confirmed today that 98% of foot pursuits in the capital end up in dramatic chases over city rooftops.

Out of 9,851 pursuits, a staggering 9, 653 came to some sort of conclusion at the top of a building, forcing the Minister for Justice to review new measures to deal with the ongoing problem.

“From January 2017, three hundred specially trained Gardaí will be strategically positioned across the Dublin skyline in a bid to cut down on the number of arrests made on rooftops,” Frances Fitzgerald told WWN this afternoon, “This new craze of hopping from building to building has to stop, before someone gets killed”.

It is estimated that only 23% of rooftop foot pursuits end with an arrest, as many criminals in Dublin are willing to leap across almost impossible gaps between buildings.

“Most criminals get away from Gardaí by making a dangerous leap between two buildings and bursting through an apartment window on the other side,” Garda Thomas Moore of Store Street station explains, “this is usually a bathroom window while the homeowner is having a shower or a bath at the time. Usually when this happens, Gardaí are left punching the air in disgust, promising themselves to get the criminal at some stage in the future”.

On average, €450k is wasted every year fixing bathroom windows and fire escapes damaged during Garda rooftop chases.