Heron Problem In Dublin Needs To Be Addressed Now, Says Government


THE government is to assemble a task force aimed at dealing the ever-increasing heron problem across Ireland, particularly in inner-city areas.

In Dublin in particular, the slim long-beaked birds have become ever-present along canals and even in town, with many of them getting in the way of people who want to inject themselves with class-a drugs.

The new section of An Garda Síochána will be tasked with tackling both herons and the source of herons, with many calling for the problem to be addressed at the root rather than targeting it on a bird-by-bird basis.

“You’ve got herons coming into the country, with nobody even trying to stop them,” said one anti-heron campaigner WWN spoke with.

“Our main fear is that the cops are just going to move herons from one area to the next, without solving anything. Sure, move the herons away from Portabello, move them onto the Royal Canal, move them onto Talbot street. Get them away from ‘decent’ areas, that’s all that counts. Don’t do anything that might actually make a difference. This has been going on for years, sticking a band-aid on a broken beak”.

Meanwhile the HSE has admitted that large numbers of people attending A&E have heron-related illnesses and injuries, adding that ‘neither the money nor the political will’ exists to do anything to change this.