Contestant On Game Show Accused Of Playing A Game


A CONTESTANT on a reality TV show has been accused by fellow reality game show contestants of ‘playing a game’, on the reality TV game show.

Property developer, Jason Burrill, who won £20,000 in exchange for evicting another contestant, was slammed by viewers for evicting contestant and favourite to win, Lateysha Grace.

“How could he evict the best contestant in the whole game show?” asked one BB fan, “It’s like he’s trying to get rid of the competition or something; I can’t understand his logic. Surely he could have picked one of the less popular contestants that don’t have a chance of winning the thing”.

Shortly after picking Ms. Grace, fellow housemates confronted Burrill about his game playing in the game.

“All you are is a great big game player,” shouted Ryan, a fellow contestant who also entered the reality television game show, but not to win, “you’re only in this whole thing for yourself and the £100,000 prize money. People like you make me ashamed to be a part of this game. Lateysha has a kid and everything” adding, “What is she supposed to do now, work for a living?”