Charity Regulator Admits It Didn’t Know It Had To Regulate Charities


THE office of Ireland’s Charities Regulatory Authority made an embarrassing admission about its role in regulating and monitoring charities, WWN can reveal.

As fallout from the Console charity scandal continues, more questions are being asked of the country’s charities regulator, which has no legal power to the launch statutory investigations into charities due to the government failing to enact a section of legislation.

“When we were set up in 2014, the government just gave us a dark and dank basement and told us to ‘wait here and collect your paychecks until you retire’, we really had no idea we were supposed to ensure charities were run properly,” admitted one staff member WWN talked with.

The government has confirmed that it will do all it can to beef up the regulator’s power, or at the very least pretend to do so, in the event of another 500 scandals involving charities occurring.

“We’re very sorry we thought we were one of those regulators that was paid a lot of money by the government to just sit around all day and do nothing, you know, like the Central Bank,” another member of staff confirmed.

“You know, I think someone should have sat us down and told us we were supposed to be doing something, but now that I think of it, the name is a dead giveaway,” a Charities Regulatory Authority staff member concluded.