Culchie Still Wearing Two Toned Shirt From 2005


A COUNTY Waterford businessman is still wearing a stripy shirt with cutaway-collar that he bought in 2005, despite the fashion trend collapsing with the global economy eight years ago.

Martin Fields, who also wears his work clothes to mass, reportedly wore his ageing shirt to a very important meeting this morning, much to the disdain of work colleagues.

“That loser must sleep in that shirt,” Theresa in accounts pointed out, following the meeting. “The cutaway white collar is more of a beige colour now, and the shirt itself is starting to fray in parts. He really needs to stop wearing that crap. Clients will eventually cop Martin is a culchie with no real style or grace and it could cost our business money”.

Defending the retro garment, Mr. Fields stated he will continue wearing his shirt until it comes back into fashion again, claiming its style was actually a lot older than people believed.

“Sure, the father used to wear this type of shirt in the 80s, so it’ll come back into fashion again,” the 42-year-old farmer’s son explained. “The wife bought it for me as a wedding present so I kinda feel attached to it, ya know?”.

Since 2012, two-toned shirts have been banned in over 3,000 workplaces across Ireland. However, 98% of those businesses were Dublin city based, calling for further blanket bans to be implemented across rural Ireland.