Bin Juice Beer Is A Thing & You Have GOT To Try It


‘BEER’ with us here, haha we’re gas fuckers here at Lovin’ Waterford, but even though it might not sound like your cup of tea at first – bin beer juice is so fucking in right now that if it was a penis it’d be having sex. With a vagina.

And of course, it’s not your cup of tea, cus it’s a beer. Sharpen up you pathetic neanderthals L.W is here to educate you on getting the best out all that horrible juice that accumulates in the bottom of bins. We’re changing lives.

Full disclosure we put ‘you have GOT to try it’ in the headline, which on the internet is the equivalent of a legally binding contract between two consenting parties, so you will actually be forced to try bin juice beer.

Bin Bag Brewing Brothers are this epic collective of environmentally conscious brewers who not only have tattoos and beards and Apple Watches, they also queue up outside the pubs of Waterford and beyond after closing time and recycle all that delicious bin juice that gathers amongst the rubbish.

We were among the first to sample the class beer, some 4 seconds after the BBBB opened its doors ‘cus Lovin’ Waterford is the first to every cool fad and trend, and boy was it worth the wait.

The first gulp of BBBB’s signature Rubbish Red Ale hit us like a tonne of bricks, it’s mature flavour enhanced by the cigarette butt we chugged down, and don’t worry if you vomit, that only adds to the experience.

You won’t even notice the taste of stomach bile after your 5th or 6th vomit and at €12 a pint you really can’t afford to admit it was a waste of money either.

A cool touch sees the brews served up in discarded ashtrays from various pub smoking areas, BBBB have really thought through this unique and ace take on the now frankly boring and fad nature of micro brewing.

Bin juice brews beers 5 out of 5 ironic/but not ironic neck tattoos from Lovin’ Waterford. EPIC!