Australia To Rename Great Barrier Reef ‘Not Really There Anymore Reef’


IN an effort to stave off any potential false advertising lawsuits from tourists, the Australian government is set to change the name of its beloved Great Barrier Reef, which is just years away from disappearing without a trace due to climate change.

“It was once the world’s largest ecosystem, but fuck that for a game of soldiers, we’ve ballsed it up so a name change is cheaper than trying to stop it dying off,” confirmed minister for the environment Greg Hunt.

The Great Barrier Reef will formally have its name changed to Not Really There Anymore Reef to better reflect its current status, which is believed to be at the ‘slowly dying out’ stage.

“Sure it’s regrettable, but nowhere near as regrettable as an ill-suited name which fails to describe something correctly, c’mon, we don’t want to be a laughing stock,” Hunt added.

It is believed the majority of Australia’s population have been told to say their final goodbyes to the reef, with each citizen being given five minutes by the reef’s side to say the things they’ve always wanted to say to it, but never had the guts to until now.

International reaction to the news has been highly critical of Australia, with many tourists who are full of shit stating they had always planned on visiting the reef one day