WWN Explains: The Difference Between Sunny & Shite Religions


WWN’s Waterford-based foreigners affairs expert Cian Moore Manley is on hand to give the Middle East the once over:

The world at times is a sea of ignorance and I would like to help many people flailing in choppy waters from drowning, so I’m going to boil down a centuries old religious conflict into a few straight forward points, will it bring about peace? Most likely. Will it win you a pub argument? Absolutely.

In a rush to judgement on events half way around the world, I’ve witnessed too many people just jumping to conclusions. Get a bit of knowledge in the noggin before leaping.

It is often when we are most open to absorbing new knowledge about something hitting the headlines that we are also so impatient that if it can’t be explained to us in 10 seconds we just couldn’t be fucking bothered. Fear not, this is a concise as it gets:


The Sunny branch of Islam is made up prominently of Muslims. That one’s for free. Roughly 85% of the world’s Muslims prefer the sun, and who can blame them.

The name ‘Sunny’ is derived from the words ‘very sunny’ used to describe the Middle East region in the past.


Shite religions, well where do you start, there’s so many of them. Safe to say if you find one religion, you’ll find another one close by trying to start a scrap.

In this case Shite makes up closer to 10% of the total population of Muslims. What is the other 5% of Muslims up to I hear you ask? Slow down with the questions, I’m doing my best here.

Why the conflict?

Someone’s done something, and this sparked someone else doing something, and fast forward a few hundred years and they’re still at it. You wouldn’t catch any of this carry back home, that’s why I don’t have a passport, never have, never will. What’s the point in leaving.

So what’s the solution?

Carry on as normal seems to be the divine wisdom from the leading figures involved in the disliking of one another based on minor religious differences. And it’s fair to say, as with all religions, we can learn a lot from this.


They all love him, so really this is a bit of a to do about nothing. Bygones will be bygones and they’ll have it sorted out by the end of the week.

Which one of them lot did the beheading, in Saudi Arabia, yeah?

Yeah, you’re right one of them did, I can’t remember which one.

And the other ones are annoyed?

Now you’re getting it. See the world isn’t such a complicated place after all.