Government Urging Homeless People Not To Die So Close To The Dáil


MINISTER for the environment Alan Kelly has today called on the homeless community to try and stay clear of Leinster House if they feel they’re about to die.

Speaking to WWN this morning, Mr Kelly urged people who are on the verge of passing over to think about their government and the consequences of their location, as dying on the doorstep of the country’s main government building was “bad form”, especially as there is an election coming up.

“I’m not saying they’re doing it on purpose,” he said, referring to the four homeless people that have died in the last month in close proximity to the Dail. “It just looks bad on the government if they keep doing it. There is no shortage of places to die around Dublin city, thanks to the hard work of this government.”

Hinting at more disadvantaged areas like the North inner city, Mr. Kelly suggested that those who do feel they’re going to die to pick surroundings more suitable to them.

“There are plenty of derelict buildings around the city that people can die in,” he added. “If I was homeless, I’d certainly not want to be seen making a show of my country. I’d die with dignity in a disused warehouse or something; not to cause a fuss.”

Yesterday, another body of a man was found by a member of the public on Dawson Lane just off Dawson Street at approximately 7am, where it is believed he had been sleeping rough for some time.

Gardaí allege that there was no foul play suspected, despite a dramatic increase of 700 people being left homeless on Irish streets under the Fine Gael/Labour party government since this time last year.