5 Things We Learned From The Magazines In The Doctor’s Office


INSURANCE regulations state that the members of the WWN team must undergo annual medical testing, and as such we found ourselves in our local GP’s office earlier today for a check-up.

Browsing the selection of magazines available to us in the waiting room, we discovered the following shocking nuggets of gossip happening in the world right now…

1) Brad Pitt Has Split Up With Jennifer Aniston

Holy crap, Hollywood’s golden couple are headed towards Splitsville! They seemed so happy, but this issue of Heat suggests that the no-show of kids in the marriage may have driven the pair onto the rocks. The article went on to suggest that perhaps Brad had gotten a bit too close to Angelina Jolie, while the pair were filming their upcoming movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

2) Jade Goody Is Responding Well To Cancer Treatment

Following her recent cervical cancer diagnosis, Jade appeared in this month’s edition of OK magazine and talked candidly of her illness. The brave reality TV star was optimistic that her treatment was progressing well, and she hopes to be back on our screens as soon as possible.

3) September 11th Attacks May Have Been Perpetrated By Terrorist Group Known As “Al Qaeda”

The issue of Time magazine in our GP’s waiting room had some strong opinions as to who was responsible for the devastating attacks on 9/11, with all fingers pointing towards the “Al Qaeda” terrorist group. Time went on to profile the leader of this terror network, one Osama Bin Laden. He looks like a wrong’un, that’s for sure.

4) Rock Hudson Diagnosed With AIDS

Bad news for movie fans according to what we read while waiting to be called by the doctor: Rock Hudson went on record last week and told the world that he has contracted the disease known as AIDS. Not much is known about the disease at this moment, claims the article, but it doesn’t look good. Get well soon, Rock!

5) Japs Launch Sneak Attack On Pearl Harbour

Looks like the USA are going to get involved in the war after all, according to the headlines we read today. Seems the Japanese launched a sneaky aerial assault on the US naval base called Pearl Harbour, destroying battleships and killing thousands. We couldn’t read about what President Roosevelt had to say about the dastardly attack, as we got called in at that stage.