Dublin Man At Bloomsday Pretending He Read Ulysses


DUBLIN man Simon Brady has made every effort to partake in a number of Bloomsday events while explaining to people how wonderful the book Ulysses is, despite having never read it.

“My favourite bit? Oh the stream of consciousness bit,” Simon told fellow attendees at an event to mark the life and work of James Joyce. Brady is believed to be one of just thousands of attendees at Bloomsday who are currently pretending they have read the formidable novel.

Brady went on the reaffirm that Bloomsday, held on the 16th of June every year, is a great way to honour and mark the grand literary tradition of Dublin and Ireland as a whole. The 25-year-old PhD student failed to mention the last book he read was Personal: Jack Reacher by author Lee Childs.

“God and Joyce was a bit of perv as well wasn’t he?” Brady echoed, recalling something someone told him at some point over the years.

The PhD student was then caught up in a conversation with another attendee who had failed to read the book, but had also chosen to pretend they knew what they were talking about.

“The aliens? Yeah… yeah, oh wait, Jesus, of course – the aliens” Brady confirmed to fellow Bloomsday enthusiast Sarah Martin before going out on a limb and adding something about lasers, stating “Joyce was ahead of his time when it came to lasers in fiction”.

David Norris was on hand at the Bloomsday celebrations to walk the public through all things Joyce as he remains the only Irish person to have ever read the book in its entirety.