Waterford Man Postpones Illegal Dumping Until Tomorrow In Honour Of ‘Earth Day’


rubbish dumped

LOCAL man Denny Hughes has postponed the dumping of 12 black sacks into a field down the bottom of a quiet lane way off the Tramore road until tomorrow, as it is Earth Day today after all.

“Just doing my bit boi,” Hughes explained when interviewed by WWN, “you’ll get some right ignorant fuckers who don’t give a shit about these things. Heartless pricks, the environment is the future like”.

Earth Day, held annually, is an attempt to raise awareness for conservation and caring for the environment in the face of increased globalisation. Beginning in 1970, Earth Day and its organisers attempt to put the environment at the top of the social and political agenda.

The 12 black sacks belonging to Hughes contain a variety of batteries, metals, now useless computers and some child’s nappies.

“I have my usual spot there about two mile up the road but just didn’t seem right after seeing that Google doodle ya know?”

Hughes has said his awareness of the Earth has increased by at least 50% and he intends on spreading the message for the remainder of the day.

“I punched a young fella right the head after he spat out his chewing gum on the ground,” explained Hughes, “this is no fucking joke, he might a been 13 but you’ve got to learn sometime”.

It was here our interview ended as Hughes had to collect some firewood for a bonfire/rave he is attending this evening on a nearby beach.