English And Irish Media Beginning To Ruin The Fun Of Football For Jack Grealish



THE increase in speculation regarding the international footballing future of Jack Grealish has resulted in all the fun being sucked out of the game for the 19-year-old, WWN can reveal.

Grealish produced a fine performance against Liverpool in the FA cup semi-final which took place at the world famous Wembley football stadium.

In front of 85,416 cheering fans Grealish played with all the enthusiasm of a child fulfilling a boyhood dream of becoming a professional footballer and playing on the biggest stage. However, by doing so he has invited the shortsighted obsession of and unwanted attention from the English and Irish sport media.

It is believed several arrests were made outside Wembley after the game as rival journalists from England and Ireland fought over the right to own the teenager.

The joy of returning to training with Aston Villa on Monday was lessened for the 19-year-old due to the intense speculation about his international future, which saw a player who had next to no media spotlight on him now constantly followed around by journalists seeking to lionise and vilify him in equal measure.

Headlines such as ‘Are you a drunken idiot Paddy or an English Lion?’ and ‘Irish till he dies or we kill him’ were seen on the back pages on the tabloid media in England and Ireland as Grealish practiced free kicks and complex tricks with less and less enthusiasm.

Police in the Birmingham area have confirmed that they foiled a kidnap plot by the English FA which would have seen the association take Grealish in the middle of the night against his will to England’s St. George’s training facilities, forcing him into the indentured servitude of a single English cap before fading out of international favour.

The Irish FA and the Irish public have confirmed they will try their best not to pin their entire hopes on Grealish as they have done to 437 previous internationals.

Grealish ended this morning’s training session at Aston Villa’s training ground 30 minutes earlier than usual by exiting through the back door of the facilities to avoid the crowd of baying journalists.