WWN Event Guide



The Snapper re-enactment. Join in the celebration of Roddy Doyle’s seminal masterpiece at this all-day event, taking place from Saturday to Sunday morning. Re-live the excitement of a white-knuckle van journey from North Dublin to the Rotunda hospital! Threaten an old man in a pub toilets! Get drunk and sexually assault a chung-wan in a car park!


Tourism Ireland’s announcement of Ireland’s Ancient East has been followed by the Gerry Adams Murder Mystery Trail. Cross several counties in an effort to piece together the bloody destruction caused by Republican violence. Tourism Ireland and the Gardaí has also put on prizes for people who can traverse the rugged Irish landscape and find new evidence relating to IRA murders.


Music From Mobile Phone Commercials Festival. Ireland’s foremost music festival featuring nothing but tunes from ads for mobile service providers returns to Cork this weekend! Listen to your favourite indie artists as they bang out that one big hit they had after it was on an ad for Vodafone! An hour of non-stop, radio friendly hits!


23rd Annual Canal Drinking Session. Join inner-city royalty at this weekend’s 23rd Canal drinking session, which promises it’s usual mix of can-drinking, fight-starting, swan-threatening merriment! With temperatures set to soar over the three day event, wearing a top is not necessary!


With good weather on the horizon this weekend the Nation is cordially invited to head to the beach and absolutely trash it. Free entry but remember you must leave behind all your rubbish, preferably scattered and not in plastic bags.