Irish Water Leaking 46 million Litres Of Bullshit From Mouths


THE volume of bullshit discovered to be flowing out of Irish Water has been described by the general public as ‘crazy’.

As Irish Water confirmed the high level of water loss through cracked pipes thanks to years of neglect from several Governments, the Irish public has also confirmed that an estimated 46 billion litres of bullshit has been lost through the mouths of those associated with Irish Water since its inception.

“Uh, it was a mess, I’m covered in the stuff,” confirmed bullshit metre installer Patrick O’Brien, who had attempted to gain access to Irish Water HQ to get several answers to questions he had regarding the initial setup of Irish Water and the subsequent awarding of metering contracts.

“I got as far as the front door, but already the stench was over-powering. I got my hand on the handle and then next thing I knew I was engulfed by a flood out rancid bullshit. It clean threw me across the street,” O’Brien added, his clothes clearly covered in the excrement.

This latest incident has highlighted the department of the environment’s reluctance to allow qualified bullshit meter installer’s anywhere near keys figures in the set up of the state body with one former minister moving abroad to avoid the installation.

As the bullshit leaks continue, it has been the Government has no strategy for remedying the continuing problem.