Mother-of-three Ready To Quit After Just 3 Hours Into Easter Holidays


NUALA Purcell, a loving and dedicated mother to three beautiful children has admitted she is ready to quit, change her identity and move abroad after just 3 hours in their company.

With the Easter holidays in full swing for many students, Nuala has been anticipating being in the company of her three children Niall (11), Sinead (9) and Coman (4) for a number of weeks.

Although Nuala has acknowledged on at least 4,132 separate occasions that her children are ‘her everything’, such thoughts have been sorely tested within the first 3 hours of having them all in the house together this morning.

“I’m not a bad mother, but a life in Hawaii as a hula girl doesn’t sound so bad. I’d even take a Colombian drug mule job at this stage,” Nuala confirmed to WWN.

While Nuala has confirmed to many friends before that she was indeed ‘born to be a mother’, the mum-of-three has now dramatically retracted that statement.

“I’m born to be a mother for a maximum of 9 hours a day, but without school to drop them off to, I’m cracking,” Nuala added.

With Easter camps not an option for Nuala as they cost an arm and a leg as well as hundreds of euro, the loving mother has been left with few options.

Nuala had alerted her children to the presence of the outdoors, and the possibility of fun trips to the park but Niall, Sinead and Coman immediately vetoed the idea with repeated and targeted screaming.

“I’ve tried to reason with them, but they always come back to me with a ‘why?’ so I’m planning to lock myself in my room and listen to my ‘sounds of the ocean’ CD on repeat,” Nuala added with a distinct lack of hope in her voice.

Nuala then took to looking up cheap flights out of the country and day dreamed about her husband meeting another woman with the patience of a saint who would happily look after her three demonic children.