Spoiler Alert Outrage As Trial Of American Sniper Murderer Ruins End Of Movie


A TEXAS jury has today convicted a man of the murder of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle, while simultaneously spoiling the end of American Sniper for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Kyle, the most lethal sniper in US history during his four tours of the Middle East, was killed along with his friend Chad Littlefield in 2013 by Eddie Ray Routh, whom they had brought with them to a nearby gun range.

Kyle’s memoirs formed the basis of the Oscar nominated American Sniper, which starred Bradley Cooper in the title role. Renewed buzz about the film due to the recent Academy Awards has today subsided after the result of the trial basically gave away the entire ending.

“I was looking forward to seeing American Sniper this weekend, but now I know the ending I’ll probably not bother,” said Sean Higgins, an avid cinema-goer from Dundalk.

“They should put fucking spoiler alerts on these things. I turned on the news this morning and the headline totally gave away the fact that Kyle gets killed in the end. Fuck sake like, not all of us have seen the movie, you dicks”.

Routh, himself a former marine, was declared legally sane by the prosecution despite claims by the defence team that he had been mentally affected by his time in combat.

The jury returned a guilty verdict, at which point the judge handed down a mandatory life sentence. Subsequently, news teams across the world reported the story, without a moments thought for those who were waiting for the movie to come out on DVD.