Red Rock & Fair City Announce Crossover Episode


fiar city red rock

IN an unprecedented act of cooperation between rival broadcasters RTÉ and TV3, the stations confirmed today that there will be a crossover episode involving their soaps Fair City and Red Rock later on this year.

The yet to be written episode will have its action take place in the familiar setting of Carrigstown as well as Ireland’s favourite new coastal town.

WWN has learned, however, that several cast members from the two soaps will face off in a Guys & Dolls style musical number.

“We’re pretty certain this is the right route to take the crossover episode in,” confirmed Red Rock creator Peter McKenna.

“It’s important for us that as Fair City’s only Garda, John Deegan gets a chance to chat to some more Gardaí, it’s a lonely existence for him there in Carrigstown and frankly, we’re worried about the increasing crime rate in the town,” added Fair City producer Colm Downey.

Leaks from both soap sets suggest that the episode will centre around a desperate and broke Mondo who steals the Spire and goes on the run only to end up on the set of Red Rock which has more Gardaí per square metre than any other place on Earth.

The budget for the one-off hour long episode is expected to be in the region of €60 million, and talk of cameos by Joaquin Phoenix and Daniel Day Lewis are just rumours at this point but both stations have confirmed Neil Jordan is set to direct..

It is believed the cast and crew of Ros na Rún are still waiting by the phone.