Dublin Girl Doesn’t Care What She Gets For Christmas As Long As It’s Expensive


Dublin Girl

DUBLIN GIRL Emer O’Reilly isn’t all that fussed when it comes to Christmas, WWN can exclusively reveal.

While out in trendy new haunt The Bushman’s Kangaroo, Emer and friends were busy discussing their manic plans for the holiday season over some Linner, which is totally the new Brunch.

“All these ads have just, like, warped people’s brains,” confessed a concerned Emer to friends, “like you’d think the world was ending the way people are running about, it’s like re-fucking-lax.”

Emer was at pains to state that Christmas has, in recent years, got out of hand with too much pressure being put on getting the right gifts.

“Like I was thinking the other day, I’ve had to get my Mom to give €100 for my Dad’s present and ask my Dad for €100 for my Mom’s present. That’s only because of all the talk from the girls about what they’re buying their folks. Christmas has gone completely over the top,” the 26-year-old accountant explained to her friends while omitting the fact that €70 of the money for her Mother’s gift would be spent on Emer’s cut and blow dry tomorrow.

As Linner continued into its third course and fourth cocktail the mood amongst Emer and her friends further soured as they struggled with expectations for their own presents.

“Look, I think we’ve all heard how demanding Siobhan can be with her parents, but I’m not going into a complete bitch mode like she should, I’m not picky as long as it’s comfortably worth over €1,000 euro,” Emer informed friends.

“New York was great last year, but I know he got them on the cheap in an Aer Lingus sale,” Emer added as she discussed the present she received from her bus driver father last year.

“You’d just hope he doesn’t lose the run of himself and spend all the money on getting my Mom something too expensive ‘cus she won’t bloody appreciate, the ungrateful cow”.