Unsecured Irish Webcams Added To Netflix In Landmark TV Deal


IRELAND’S broadcasting industry has received a huge boost after a landmark deal with streaming giant Netflix was announced today.

Following the ratings success of hundreds of unsecured Irish webcams and CCTV footage exploited by a number of websites, Netflix has paid an undisclosed fee to secure the exclusive rights.

“It’s a testament to the Irish televisual talent,” BAI spokesman Niall Hegarty said of the countless webcams which have been streamed online leaving their owners unaware strangers are looking in on their private lives.

Among the streaming favourites is college student John Mullins from UCC who has gained popularity among Russian viewers for his relentless lad-pulling with many commenters on the site noting his ‘stamina’.

“We’ve struck this deal to deliver unparalleled drama,” Netflix sales executive Jordan Franklin told WWN exclusively, “there are some unique storytelling opportunities here we couldn’t pass up”.

Netflix has said they are particularly intrigued by the webcam feed from the Griffith family in Galway.

“It’s got all the hallmarks of much watch TV. We know Lisa and Sean’s marriage is on the rock from the footage we’ve seen on the kitchen, CCTV and it’s only a matter of time before they discover their youngest Diarmuid has got the neighbour pregnant, exhilarating stuff,” added Franklin.

Who exactly Netflix has paid for the exclusive rights is still unclear, but their new content is set to increase binge watching amongst their viewers here in Ireland.

“I’d pay top dollar to watch that,” admitted Netflix customer and nosey neighbour Andrea Hughes, “if Mark from the gym is on that somewhere… Goodnight, that’s me and a bottle of wine and you know yourself. I’ll never stop watching”.