Trapattoni To Sue Martin O’Neill For Copyright Infringement


Giovanni Trapattoni

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI has confirmed his intention to sue current Ireland manager Martin O’Neill after claims the Derry born manager infringed on copyrighted tactics.

Following Ireland’s lacklustre display against Scotland on Friday, many football fans observed the team’s similarities to Ireland’s previous toothless and jittery performances under the management of Trapattoni.

Trapattoni was said to be watching the match at home in floods of tears, such was the joy felt at seeing the wonderful Irish performance. However, he soon realised the tactics used were his own treasured football blueprint.

Legal documents seen by WWN make clear Trapattoni’s desire to sue O’Neill citing ‘hoofing the ball, general lack of creative play, panicking whenever feels necessary and subsequent ignorance at the lack of positive play’ as elements of tactics copyrighted by the Italian in 1941 and again in 1982 with some adjustments allowing for the effect different haircuts would have on the tactics.

Trapattoni gave an interview to assembled journalists to confirm his intention to sue O’Neill, but without former translator Manuella Spinelli by his side, the Italian was unable to explain himself. The ex-Ireland manager instead began speaking lines from his favourite Hollywood musical.

“Grease is the word, is the word that you heard. It’s got groove, it’s got meaning,” the Italian said to confused journalists.

A rumoured key witness for the prosecution is said to be Trapattoni’s former assistant Liam Brady. A source close to the proceedings has confirmed to WWN that Brady has been an unreliable witness while preparing to give evidence, refusing to answer questions instead choosing to declare his undying love for Trapattoni.

O’Neill has remained silent on the issue which many people have taken to be an admittance of guilt. Legal experts predict if Trapattoni’s case is successful, he may be line for damages in the single figures.