Galway Woman Can’t Believe It’s Wednesday Already



“Sure the week is flying it altogether.” uttered Karen McGrath, after double checking her Nokia 206 phone she paid twenty euros for in Tesco. “The long weekend has me confused. I don’t know what day I have.”

Mrs. McGrath first realised something was up this morning after her bins were left uncollected outside, forcing her to double think her usual Tuesday routine.

“I had no idea what was going on. The bin was just left there as if no one emptied it!” she recalled. “I started to worry that we didn’t pay our bill this month. It was an awful time for me. I just had to cancel all my plans for the day.”

The mother of children decided to call her refuse provider in a bid to get to the bottom of her extraordinary situation. However, the line was quite busy,and the call-waiting music –  Westlife’s flying without wings – began to irritate the 45-year-old even more.

“I just broke down crying.” she explained. “It was like my whole world was torn apart and I didn’t know why. I hung up the phone and ran into my bedroom and locked it.”

It wasn’t until her husband got home at 6pm did she realise what day it actually was.

“I woke up to James banging on the door wondering why I locked myself in.” she said. “When he told me what day it was I nearly died. I couldn’t believe it was Wednesday. Everything just made sense then; the bins, the unexpected milk delivery, the RTE weather forecast for Wednesday, everything!”

It is suspected that Mrs. McGrath is one of thousands of people across the country affected by what scientists call a ‘Bank Holiday Time Lag’.

Much like ‘jet-lag’, BHTL affects the persons ability to adjust to the current time-frame after a long weekend. The condition can lead sufferers to confusion, paranoia and in some extreme cases, death.