The Touching Letter Boyfriend Leaves His Girlfriend He Won’t See For A Year That You Have To Read



Every now and then you come across something on the internet that just melts your heart. And that is exactly what happened here at WWN towers when we cast our eyes upon a touching letter from Irish doctor Peter Murray to his beloved girlfriend Andrea Gilmartin. Peter is set to leave Ireland to work in some of the poorest parts of world, delivering much needed healthcare over the next 12 months. But, after reading his romantic letter, you might just tell your significant other he needs to up his game!

Dear Andrea,

I sit here in Dublin airport, finding myself thinking of so many things to say. I curse the fact I hadn’t thought of these things earlier, if I had I could have looked into your eyes and spoken these words to you directly. It will be such a long 12 months away so I feel I need to tell you so much.

You know the car is diesel, right? I’d hate to think that in our time apart you’d forget that and ruin the car. The green bin goes out on the last Monday of every month, I can’t remember if I wrote that down somewhere, but I know what you’re like, you’ll forget. I left that spare key under the mat by the back door, just in case my folks pop round or you lock yourself out. If you’re not already writing this stuff down, you probably should. Or better yet, just keep this letter handy at all times. I know I said I’d clear it out before heading off to Africa to cure sick children, but that bloody shed needs a good seeing to, any chance you can clear it out? Think the hive that was in there last year is gone, so you should be grand. I’ve cut off the Netflix as I’ll have no use for it while I’m travelling and that, I think it was like 14 quid a month, but they might be upping their prices soon, or so I hear.

Ian and Rob said they might need to borrow my skiing gear as they’re off on some trip soon, I forgot to take them down before going but if you could go up to the attic and take all that stuff down, I’m sure the lads would appreciate it. Actually, you might be best driving it out to them as I think they’re both fairly busy with work these days. God, sitting here it’s tough to get all this out, what else is there to say? In the rush to pack last night, I think I forgot my laptop, I think you should be able to send it by registered post through An Post, only costs about 30 euro of something, I get ya back when I get back in 12 months, cheers.



Romantic letter writer? Doctor? He skis??? I think we’ve just found our perfect man, swoon! Andrea might have some competition soon, lol!