“Everyone Thinks I’m The Best Dad In The World Now” Says Guy Holding Son On Shoulders


DUBLIN man Timmy Ryan turned heads in Bray yesterday afternoon by parading his young son Cathal on his shoulders down the promenade area of the beach, forcing many strollers to stop and stare at his parental awesomeness.

The 34-year-old first started the practice when his son was just 6 months old, and swears by the technique.

“Everyone thinks I’m the best dad in the world now,” he said proudly, whilst continuing to stroll down the beach. “People passing always stare up at Cathal and give him a little smile, knowing he has a brilliant father underneath.”

“It’s a statement really. Carrying your child high on your shoulders shows other parents that you’re proud of your kid and that you want to show him off to the rest of the world – like that scene from The Lion King. Chicks dig it too.”

Mr. Ryan broke up with his fiancé last year after she became aware of his other girlfriend at the time, Theresa, who previously babysat for the couple.

“I get Cathal a couple of hours a week now so I have to make the most of it,” he explained. “I find bringing him to busy spots on my own can get me lots of attention. Women admire strong men who do that kind of thing. It shows them security. Then when you tell them you’re a single dad they’re like putty in your hand.”

The part-time sports fan and father also advised fellow single men to try out the technique, even if they don’t have a kid of their own.

“Even borrowing your little nephews or nieces can work,” he said. “Sometimes I’d offer to mind my brother’s kid John and bring him off to a busy park where’s there’s loads of yummy mummies. It’s a great ice-breaker like.

“The usual trick is asking what age their kid is and move on from there,” he added. “Drop the ‘single bomb’ in the first five minutes. Job done”.