Crime In Ireland ‘Done For’ After Gardai Seize Cannabis Worth €120k



HUNDREDS of thousands of men, women and children have taken to the streets today to celebrate an end to Irish criminality after Gardai found €120k of cannabis during a search of a car in Naas.

The knock on effect is expected to cripple Ireland’s criminal empires for good, saving countless lives and billions of euros in policing in the process.

Chief Inspector Thomas Daly told WWN that the Irish people can now ‘sleep easy at night’ following today’s bust.

“Crime has lost the war on people today while Ireland has won the war on drugs.” said Mr. Daly. “We couldn’t have done this without the hard working men and women of the Garda Siochana.”

A quantity of evil cannabis herb was found hidden in the car, which Gardai believe was intended for the Irish market.

“We believe the drug was intended to be sold to people who smokes it.” added the Chief Inspector.

According to Garda crime figures, cannabis accounts for almost 95% of drug offences in Ireland.

“It’s a known fact that crime and drugs go hand in hand.” said Daly. “Now that we have nipped it in the bud so to speak, there will obviously be no more crime.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of people held hands while they sang Kumbaya My Lord and various other religious songs on the streets of Dublin earlier.

“We’ve won!! We have finally won!” said one man, crying in awe.

However, it is expected that 12,000 Gardai will lose their jobs in the early part of 2014 due to a knock-on effect from the bust.