African American Family ‘Unharmed’ After Trip To Phoenix Park



AN AFRICAN American couple and their young child were said to be ‘unharmed’ after visiting a children’s playground in Dublin’s Phoenix Park yesterday afternoon.

Shawn Carter and his wife Beyoncé brought their daughter Blue Ivy to play on the swings. It is believed the family were unphased by the reality going on around them and continued about their business without incident.

“They didn’t seem to care much about what other people thought of them,” recalled one eyewitness to the event. “In fact, I would go as far as to say they were acting normal. Fair play to them for being so brave.”

“It’s mad the way they can just walk around like that.” he added.

It is understood the child enjoyed the swings and the slide, and even interacted with other children who were there under the same circumstances.

Following the 25 minute visit, the African American family exited the park on foot, leaving a trail of wonder behind them.