36 Feared Dead After Pancake Sale Stampede In Dublin



EMERGENCY SERVICES say there are still 17 people unaccounted for after a Pancake Tuesday sale went horribly wrong in a Dublin branch of Super Value earlier this morning.

At 8am, crowds of bargain hunters swarmed the store to purchase freshly made pancakes from the Bakery department.

Witnesses stated after the doors were opened a large group of people at the front of the queue fell to the ground in their haste, and were then trampled upon by eager pancake shoppers.

“It was mayhem.” said one eyewitness. “There was no where to go only forward, and if you fell you were done for. I remember stepping on an old woman. I think she was already unconscious, so that was ok. People started to panic. I’ll never forget the sounds of bones breaking and those terrible screams of pain.”

Sources say that two bakers and one security guard were also among the dead after they tried to calm the crowd.

“The bakers, I think they were both Polish, tried to distribute the pancakes evenly among the crowd,” recalled one man. “They lasted about 30 seconds before being ripped to shreds. They obviously never worked on pancake Tuesday before. I have never seen anything like it in my life – people were acting like animals.”

Gardai stated that so far 36 bodies have been recovered from the scene, but a further 17 people, that they know of, are still missing. Investigators are currently trying to piece together what went wrong at the store this morning and are calling on witnesses to come forward with any information.

Super Value spokesperson Dermot Kennedy told WWN that although the sale ended in tragedy, every pancake in the store was sold.

“Even the pre-made mix is sold out.” he stated. “There’s not one egg or carton of milk left in the shop. In one way it was a total disaster, but in another it was a stunning success. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing at the moment.”

Gardai say this latest incident has brought up some serious questions about the sale and distribution of pancakes on Pancake Tuesdays, and advised that the matter should be addressed in the Dáil.

To date, Pancake Tuesday in Ireland has seen 2,000 people lose their lives in store stampedes.