5 Unmissable Celebrity X-Rays


As part of our Her Daily EnterJoement series WWN brings you the latest in the world of fun, entertainment and mild obsession with famous people. Today we bring you the very best of celebrity x-rays:

You guessed it, she used to have a little now she has a lot. The unmistakable curves of J-Lo Jennifer Lopez. So hot? Or SO HOT?

That body to die for? STUNNING and legs that go on for days it’s everyone’s favourite prematurely exploited teen Kendall Jenner.

He’s all man, check out the THOR-RIFIC Chris Hemsworth. Insert thinly veiled phrase speculating on his penis size here.

Uh oh, looks like a certain little Miss Suri Cruise needs to shed a few pounds #embarrassing

This might be the last time Angelina Jolie doesn’t wear make up to an important check up. #worseforwear Our thanks to her doctor who thankfully has no morals and sent this on to us gratis.

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