Man Giving Tour Of Apartment Skips Bedroom Where The Magic Doesn’t Happen


Dublin man George Hickey is reported to have given a number of friends the first ‘grand tour’ of his apartment after moving in late last week.

The two-bed apartment on the second floor of a complex in Ranelagh is a prime location and much sought after or so George was told by the letting agent.

Like many apartments it has a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. Each of these rooms were introduced by George to his friends with an enthusiastic air, but he inexplicably decided to skip showing his bedroom to friends.

“I felt the lads would do the classic ‘ah have ya christened it yet? Have ya? Have ya?’ and I couldn’t pull if my life depended on it so I thought it best to leave it,” George explained to WWN.

The social pressures surrounding showing off one’s bedroom came to prominence with the MTV show ‘Cribs’ in which celebrities gleefully remarked ‘This is where the magic happens’.

Magician David Blaine famously broke from this tradition when showing off this crib, remarking instead that “the magic happens in my offices where I practice tricks”.

George friend’s were puzzled by the omission of his bedroom in the tour. “I spotted some nice bed sheets when we walked passed in the hall,” shared George’s friend Liam.

“I was hoping to find out where he bought them, because I have awful sensitive skin, oh and I wanted to blurt out ‘is this where the magic happens?’ in that really original way only I would ever think of saying.”