JobBridge Intern Probably Staying On Reception For The Year


The powers that be at WWN towers are reportedly so impressed with Kevin’s performance manning the main reception desk that they are contemplating keeping him there for the full year of his JobBridge placement.

Despite being contrary to several rules of the JobBridge scheme, it seems the Media Studies graduate, is proving himself so adept at reception that management are willing to give the green light to letting the €50 a week JobBridge intern taking over the position for the year.

The promise and focus Kevin has shown at front of house is believed to be the only reason he will continue to carry out the duties of a receptionist. The decision owed nothing to the fact that a full time receptionist would cost upwards of €20,000 per annum.

Kevin has yet to be told the good news, but will presumably be over the moon at being placed in the perfect position to learn all about the media industry.

While technically Kevin is earning roughly €2.50 for every hour work it is quite clear the experience and mentoring he is receiving is priceless.