‘Valentine’s Day Is A Pointless Day Made Up By Companies’ Agree Boyfriends With No Money


Ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day a group of concerned boyfriends have banded together in a noble and selfless effort to raise awareness about the troubling reality behind the most romantic day of the year.

Boyfriends Against Valentine’s Day (BAVD) was formed earlier this week and has been campaigning from the get go to make people aware, specifically their girlfriends, that Valentine’s Day has been hijacked by big companies looking to make money.

Dave O’Shea, a 24-year-old unemployed man and founding member of BAVD, spoke to WWN about the group’s aims. “We are just very concerned that our girlfriends have been unduly influenced by big evil corporations who have, in essence, hijacked what is a lovely day in all fairness – to make millions of euros. We’re just looking out for our partners.”

O’Shea went on to strongly deny claims that he was only opposing Valentine’s Day because he was down to his last €20.

“Look, I’d spend thousands and I mean thousands on herself only I don’t want those evil bosses on their big bonuses raking in even more cash,” shared follow BAVD member Conor Laffin, “it’s capitalism run amok and I think my Jenny knows that.”

There is a growing movement supporting an anti-Valentine’s Day agenda which is proving ever more popular with the section of the male population that are absolutely smashed broke.

“People might say ‘ah nice try, we know what you’re up to’. Up to? I’m as romantic as they come – just ask the missus about breakfast in bed, the 14th February, 1999. Then tell me to my face I’m not romantic!” an impassioned Richard McCormick told WWN as he filled out his BAVD membership form.

BAVD also provides a number of helpful seminars to men just starting out in new relationships who are known to overspend horrendously in order to buy the affections of their new girlfriends.

“If only we could get back to those days when Valentine’s Day wasn’t about money or romance or making an effort and was just like every other day. That’s what we’re fighting for, on behalf of our girlfriends of course,” concluded BAVD founding member O’Shea.