So We Received This Letter From North Korea Last Week


Recently we wrote a story on North Korea landing the first ever man on the sun. The story took off all around the world and it got millions of views. Numerous reputable news agencies reported the story and it became a viral hit. And after a while it all quietened down – until last Monday.

This letter arrived into my office addressed to ‘The Editor of Waterford Whispers News’. It was in Korean and everyone here got really excited, but unfortunately none of us could understand a bloody thing it said.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we sent the letter to be translated and the company that did so, sent us back this email:

Dear Colm,

Thank you for using our translation service. Although the handwriting was very difficult to understand, we managed to translate it as best we could.

In relation to your question if it is real or not, we cannot say for sure, but it does appear to be written by someone who is indeed North Korean. Judging by the stamps and the paper quality, we are 90% sure it came from North Korea.

You must have really angered, who ever wrote it. Please find the direct translation below.

Keep up the good work.





Our Glorious Leader with the full might of his Army seeks to make you aware of an error in your trusted news article.

Last week you reported my country had newly landed a man on the Sun. This is (a) mistake. You think we are fools, backward thinking pigs. If you cared to do your research you would see we are planning to land on the planet Mars and its moon.

What you have made here is a lie about my country and its people and you will pay an unmerciful price for making a mockery of our country and our dearest leader Kim Jong Un.

Please print a correction and apologies from the Ireland (Irish) people to reflect the truth or expect our full military might rain down on you with an impressively coordinate fashion, Sincerely the Office of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Yours Sincerely,

Kahng Jun Ill

General Secretary Of Defence