The Sunday Opinion: Jedward On Economics


Starting today, every Sunday will see WWN bring you the thoughts of the World’s leading figures on the big issues of today. This Sunday Jedward tackle Ireland’s economy and all that comes with it:

Oh my God! Hi everybody. It’s me John and Edward! Which one of us is, like, doing the writing? Ha, nice try, you clearly know we have starkly different personalities which are immediately identifiable.

More often than not the vast majority of fan mail we receive revolves around our thoughts on macroeconomics and the fate of Ireland’s economy.

While not experts in the field, like, oh my God, we still believe strongly in Ireland’s economic sovereignty and the need for an atmosphere conducive to job creation. To our fans, this is quite evident as our music touches upon economic themes at every turn.

It doesn’t take much critical engagement to acknowledge our careers took flight as people identified with our brand of politically conscious pop. Amazing!

Our music is totes a reaction to the supplicating by many in the media towards prominent figures in Irish economic thought. A catwalk full of emperor’s new clothes.

The layman typically has no time for going down the rabbit role that is Keynesian economics or is hardly inclined to pick up a copy of Wealth of Nations, they instead turn to us – John and Edward.

What is our song ‘Lipstick’ if not a treatise of Ireland’s economic policies since the days of Seán Lemass. Obvs! The lyrics are by now seared into the public’s consciousness and into the rich cultural tapestry of Irish pop but for those unfamiliar here’s a reminder:

“You say you’re on it, but you don’t know, you’re spending money like you’re on death row, you must be mis-educated,” I can tell the proverbial penny has dropped.

It’s not for no reason people sought to ban the song from radio as its lyrics directly addressed the wanton nature of recent Irish economic policies.

TIME OUT! Like, good luck to the boys in green – the Irish rugby team today against Scotland! We love BOD. BOD for life!

We gave the people the song for their revolution and they responded by voting us into 8th place in the Eurovision that year.

Look, we’re like totes fans of the 12.5% rate, but we must resist the urge to create a business black market, which sees Ireland tumble toward a subtle and insidious practice of ‘one rule for us, no rules for big foreign multinationals’.

It’s a short term gain that begs to have the plug pulled when we eventually increase the tax.

It’s totes amaze balls to see Facebook, Twitter and Google here, but at what price Ireland? At what price?

What is now obvious is our need to be more mindful of our place within a world of economic uncertainty. We, as a Nation, are probs a ship full of malcontents crossing an ocean with many captains claiming to know true north while all pointing in a different direction.

These realities will totes continue, to like, influence our musical output in the future as the people of Ireland seek security and peace of mind.


XXX John and Edward