Whats On The Box This Coming Week


30 things to do With Your Kids Communion Money;

-Financial- Monday, 22.00- RTE2

With Communion season closing in, Eddie Hobbs shows you how to use the money your kid collected from friends and relatives to shore up your ailing finances. This week, Eddie helps a family convince their 7 year old daughter to use the money her Grandmother gave her to service their crippled gas boiler.

Jack in Black
-Reality Show- Tuesday 21.00- RTE2

Five years after Pat Kenny advised him on live television to paint his face in order to make it as a breakdancer, young Jack Lynch is blacked up and living his dream in New York. Can he keep his secret while on tour as a backing dancer for Hip Hops biggest stars? This week’s episode; a date with Kylie Jenner means Jack might finally meet Kanye West.

Midweek Movie; “The Morning After”
– Romantic Comedy- Wednesday 21.30- RTE 1

HE was a GUY…
SHE was a GIRL…
They had a GOOD TIME but they GOT CARELESS…
And NOW…
They’ve got 24 hours to GET TO NEWRY.

Starring Gabriel Byrne and Saoirse Ronan

Craig Doyle
-Craig Doyle- Thursday 21.30- RTE1

Craig Doyle Craig Doyle
Craig Doyle
Craig Doyle, Craig Doyle CRAIG DOYLE

Reeling in the Years; IRA Atrocity Special
-Historical-Friday 20.00- RTE 1

Take a trip down memory lane as this special edition of the popular music/ history show highlights the sounds of the Troubles, with 30 minutes of news footage from the worst of the IRAs campaign of terror scored with equal parts mournful ballads and eerie silence.