Justin Bieber Reveals On-Stage Barfing Was Caused By ‘Morning Sickness’


LAST Saturday evening, in the first performance of her Believe tour, Justine Bieber succumbed to a mystery illness, buckling over on stage mid-show and vomiting in front of thousands of young fans.

After leaving the stage and returning, she apologised to the audience and carried on with the show.

This morning the 18-year-olds agent, Marx Scrotum, confirmed on twitter earlier that the on-stage barfing was caused by ‘morning sickness’, stating that the baby faced star is now already in her second trimester of pregnancy.

The revelation came shortly after 10am this morning, much to the dismay of millions of young fans across the world.

Social networking sites lit up following the news of the Canadian singers pregnancy.

‘Oh my God! I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m so confused! How does this even work?’ tweeted one fan Biebergirl578.

Another follower congratulated both parents saying: ‘I wish you and Selina all the happiness in the world with your new baby babes XXX’

Sources say girlfriend and American actress Selena Gomez is said to be ‘over the moon’ with the news and told friends that she ‘will be there for Justin and the baby’.

If calculations are correct, Bieber is due to have the baby in April 2013, and will more than likely be cancelling her world tour at Christmas.

Agent Marx Scrotum told WWN that he was not at liberty to say how long more the star can continue her routine as she is ‘starting to show’.

“I would say Justi will be taking most of 2013 off to take care of her baby.”