450 UN Peacekeepers Sent To Templars Hall

UN Base Camp in Templars Hall

UN Base Camp in Templars Hall

THE United Nations is to send 450 peacekeeping troops to Templars Hall after 45 residents were insulted and hundreds more kept awake in a renewed stand off between students and natives across the housing estate.

According to sources inside the compound, the house parties are believed to be the noisiest since freshers week. Some home owners, who rent their home from the bank, have claimed this morning that students as young as twenty were forincating’ on their lawns in a desperate attempt to intimidate them from their homes.

“I will not be forced out of my house by a herd of pornographers!” said long time resident Sarah Hunt.

“I bought this house eight months ago not realising it is the biggest student accommodation site in the city! How was

I supposed to predict this carry on?

“Its a sad day and age when people have to actually research an area before moving their family into it.”

“Thank God the UN are here. Its about time.” she added.

The Peacekeeping force will be made up of 367 men and 83 women from the 32nd Infantry Battalion and will fly into the troubled estate over the next four days. It is believed a base will be set up on the green area  and a team of specially trained negotiators will liaise with both groups in an effort to restore peace, love and harmony between the two factions.

Last night vandals kicked over several wheelie bins in the area, forcing owners to pick them up with their hands. Some students stooped so low as to put traffic cones on their heads and run around aimlessly terrifying residents.

Tesco’s have also reported a surge in shopping trolley thefts from their new store in Ballybeg.

Nato has played down the prospects of renewed conflict, saying the United Nations are committed to keeping the peace and quelling tensions.

Nato spokesperson Hillary Swag said: “At the end of the day, we are dealing with drunken school kids. What could possible go wrong?”