Off-The Book Workers Better Off Also Claiming Dole


OFF-THE-BOOK workers would be financially better off also claiming the dole because of the range of benefits available to the unemployed, a leading money advisor has revealed today.

An analysis by Ballybeg economist Bernard Heefy shows that a person working 40 hours a week – off-the-books –  could get anything between €250-€400 a week and an additional €204.30 if they kept their mouths shut and signed on the dole.

“There’s plenty of dosh to made out there. Just tell them nuthin boi!

They’d nearly ask you what you had for breakfast so they would. Nosey shower of c**ts. You’re best off working away and signing on.” he said.

“If people just stayed working without the dole they would end up with just €250-€400 per week. Sure whats the use in that eh? Your only starving yourself then. If the banks can rob the country blind then why can the hard working dole claimant?”

Adding rent and fuel allowance would leave the working person with an income of up to €800 per week — substantially more than they would get if they didn’t sign on.

Mr Heefy, a former teenager, said the social welfare system is of great help to those who work hard everyday and claim it. He found the working man and working partner with nine children and claiming the dole would benefit as follows:


  • Government benefits of €204.30 a week, with another €135.65 a week for the spouse, and €155 a week for the nine children.
  • Both Parents Working off the books could come to anything between €500-€800 a week
  • Rent supplement of €14, 567 a year.
  • Back-to-school allowance worth €1,340 a year.
  • Fleecing the till in work could be €30-€70 a week depending on business.
  • Sale of contraband €100-€400 a week.
  • A medical card, with 246 GP visits and countless medicines, estimated to be worth €11,530 a year.


This comes to anything up to €90k over a year. In contrast, a couple with the same family and just working off-the-books, would only be just stupid honest morons.